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As one of the leading paint manufacturers in Indonesia, PT. Avia Avian is the one and only company that executes an integrated system in each production stage. We deliver a number of widely known paint brands, such as Avian Wood and Metal paint (top-grade wood and metal paint of all time), Aries Wall Paint (the most economical paint in Indonesia) and No Drop (the leakproof coating paint).

We envision our company to be the top-notch market leader in the paint industry and be loved by everyone. This vision is supported by our missions, which are continual improvement of service quality and innovation based on customer satisfaction. We're exceedingly proud of what we have accomplished in quality, innovation, distribution and excellence areas. Due to the reputation we’ve earned in all of these areas, PT. Avia Avian has won many awards, including Superbrands (period 2010 to 2011) and Top Brand (2011).

Currently, PT. Avia Avian owns three paint factories and has capacity to produce 150 million kilograms annually. We also have a range of strong brands, supported by endless development of innovative products and extensive distribution network comprising 54 branches all across the country. Armed with clever and accurate marketing strategies, we are ready to keep winning.

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Tel: (031) 896 8000, 896 9000

Fax: (031) 896 4118, 892 1734

Email: marketing@avianbrands.com

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